ACA On Exchange Instructions for Instructions


  1. 1.       Access
  2. 2.       Click on the “Apply Now For Health Coverage” Orange Circle in the middle of the page
  3. 3.       “Choose Your State and We will Tell You The Next Steps” – choose Ohio in drop down
  4. 4.       Select “Apply Online”
  5. 5.       “Let’s Get Started” page will come up, click the “Let’s Get Started” Green button
  6. 6.       Create an account:
    1. Enter your personal information as requested
    2. Create a user name and password
    3. Answer security questions
    4. Click green “Create An Account” button
    5. An email will be sent to the email address you entered, go to that email and click on the link then you will see a Success page
    6. Click the green “Continue” button on the Success page
    7. You will then log in to your account using the user name and password you created when you created account
    8. Terms and Conditions page will come up and you have to click “I Accept”
    9. To Apply “Your Name” What Would You Like To Do? Page will come up
      1. Under the “Apply For New Coverage” section select “Apply and Shop For Coverage for Me/And Or My Family”
      2. “Ohio Application For Individuals and Families” page will come up, read and click the green “Next” button
      3. You will have to verify your identity, enter the requested contact information
      4. You will be asked to verify your identity again and they will ask three questions related to past addresses or banking – answer the questions
      5. Your Identity has been verified and you can now complete and Application
      6. If you have completed a paper application in the past, you can find it.  If you are starting a new application, click the green “Continue” button
      7. 8.       Start Your Application
        1. Start Your Application page, read and click the green “Next” button
        2. Privacy Policy page will come up, read and agree by clicking the box with the agreement button, click the green “Save and Continue” button.
        3. Enter the contact information used when you created your account
        4. Enter phone number used when you created your account
        5. Do you want to read notices related to your application on the website or have a paper copy – choose which you prefer
        6. Choose email or txt for notices about application
        7. Click the green “Save and Continue” button
        8. You will be asked to verify your home address to make sure it matches what they have found
        9. i.        You will be asked if anyone is helping you, select Agent/Broker


                                                              i.      Name – Jim Toth


                                                            ii.      Company Name – The Legacy Group


                                                          iii.      NPN Number – 2345855


  1. ‘You’ve told us another person is helping you complete the application” page and you will have to create a new security question.  Click the green Save and Continue button
  2. “Help Paying For Coverage” page will come up.    Select YES, NO or I AM NOT SURE.  If you have an Adjusted Gross Income of less than $44,000 you will receive a subsidy.
  3. In this example I selected I AM NOT SURE. Select the green “Save and Continue” button


i.      Answer tax related questions, number of independents and projected income for 2014.  If user $82, 000, then you will be redirected back to YES


ii.      Select YES,


iii.      Who needs coverage – select family members who need coverage


iv.      Add information about each family member, age, gender,  social security number, US citizen


v.      Answer tax related questions about family members


vi.      Answer questions related to race/ethnicity of each family member


vii.      Answer questions related to mental and physical health of each family member and their ability to work


viii.      Review all the household information that was entered and save and continue


  1. Income


i.      Answer questions related to income (job, alimony, student loans) form 2013 and if you think it will remain the same in 2014


ii.      Review income summary and Save and Continue


  1. Additional Information –read and hit the green Next button
  2. Answer questions about current coverage for each family member
  3. Review and Sign – If you review you can walk through each page and you can make changes